Car transportation

Dappa cars has been transporting vehicles to every city in the country and overseas. We are proud to tell you that Dappa transport is one of the leading providers for National, auto transport services. We offer competitive car shipping rates, friendly customer service, and an outstanding record of auto transport among our Satisfied Customers, including individuals, companies, exporters and importers.

We are fully insured and can transport any number of vehicles regardless of size.
If you are importing or exporting, give us the time and date of shipment and all the relevant information and we do the rest. We have specialists who can be on call 24/7 to help you get your vehicle when you need it and where you need it.

We offer all our clients personal contact numbers of our drives so they can be in touch and track there car as it moves.

At Dappa Cars we treat all our cars as our own, so we make sure to take the upmost care and ensure they arrive on time and exactly how you left them.

If you are a car garage and are looking to transport multiple vehicles regularly, get in touch and we will be sure to give you our best rates.